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Build & Price
    • 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid in Ann Arbor
      Ford C-Max Hybrid

      $24,170 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Fiesta in Ann Arbor
      Ford Fiesta

      $14,355 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Focus in Ann Arbor
      Ford Focus

      $16,810 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Fusion in Ann Arbor
      Ford Fusion

      $22,400 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Mustang in Ann Arbor
      Ford Mustang

      $23,600 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Taurus in Ann Arbor
      Ford Taurus

      $27,055 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford F-150 in Ann Arbor
      Ford F-150

      $25,420 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford F-250 in Ann Arbor
      Ford F-250

      $31,045 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford F-350 in Ann Arbor
      Ford F-350

      $34,330 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Edge in Ann Arbor
      Ford Edge

      $28,100 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Escape in Ann Arbor
      Ford Escape

      $23,100 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Expedition in Ann Arbor
      Ford Expedition

      $43,390 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Explorer in Ann Arbor
      Ford Explorer

      $30,700 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Flex in Ann Arbor
      Ford Flex

      $29,015 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Econoline Cargo Van in Ann Arbor
      Ford Econoline Cargo Van

      $28,600 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Econoline Wagon in Ann Arbor
      Ford Econoline Wagon

      $30,230 As Shown*

    • 2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van in Ann Arbor
      Ford Transit Cargo Van

      $30,460 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Transit Connect in Ann Arbor
      Ford Transit Connect

      $22,000 As Shown*

    • 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon in Ann Arbor
      Ford Transit Connect Wagon

      $24,525 As Shown*

    Gene Butman Ford

    We are your local connection to the Ford Motor Company; a great company with an incredible heritage. Henry Ford came up with an idea to make a better world by providing affordable personal mobility for everyone. Today we continue to go further than any other manufacture and use innovative technology to produce the highest quality products. And while not everyone can afford a brand new Ford, Gene Butman offers a comprehensive selection of pre-owned vehicles that include all makes and models. We stay connected to Washtenaw and the surrounding community by contributing to local events like #DriveOne4URSchool.

    What does all of this mean for you? Only at Gene Butman Ford, where reputation is everything, will you get the respect and attention that you deserve! There are new incentives on every model including Fusion, Escape, and F-150. Our award winning sales and service team includes a complimentary shuttle and wholesale parts delivery. We offer Monthly Sync Training. Call us for all of your vehicle needs at 734-482-8581.

    Our Service Department is located at 510 N. Hewitt Ypsilanti, MI 48197 and Pre-owned Sales is located at 1901 Washtenaw Ave. Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

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